Puerto Rico 2011


Our first full day in the island found us at the Maricao highlands where Elfin Woods Warbler, Puerto Rican Spindalis, Puerto Rican Emerald and Green Mango were observed nicely. At the following day the Guanica forest and La Parguera were our locations, and from there we saw Puerto Rican Flycatcher, Puerto Rican Woodpecker, Puerto Rican Tody and the threatened Yellow-shouldered Blackbird. Furthermore, in the night of the 18th we matched the success of the morning when having astonishing views of Puerto Rican Nightjar and Puerto Rican Screech-Owl, being both species our last yet-to-see endemic of the island. Well, except for an almost-impossible-to-see: The Puerto Rican Parrot, which was seen very well at the end of our tour!