Guyana: Iwokrama Rainforest Pre-trip

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The rich mudflats of coastal Georgetown where our first stop in our full day of birding in the capital city of wonderful Guyana. Among Whimbrels, American Golden Plovers, Ospreys, Magnificent Frigatebirds and dozens of Greater Yelllowlegs, we enjoyed views of a group of the astonishing Scarlet Ibis. Further east, we managed to stop in areas at side of the road to add views of the beautiful Blood-colored Woodpecker, the restricted-distribution Rufous Crab-Hawk and the inquisitive Ashy-headed Greenlet, with its distinctive car alarm voice. We also nailed the Mangrove Rail (a split of Clapper Rail) and the well-dressed Black-crested Antshrike. We continued our first day of birding with a boat trip in the Mahaica river and added the unique Hoatzin, a so called flying-cow given its particular elongated esophagus to digest cellulose (fresh sprouts of certain plants). The day closed-up in the picturesque Georgetown Botanical Garden with views of swallows, tanagers, more woodpeckers, macaws. The favorites were Toco Toucan, Laughing Falcon and a perched Festive Parrot.