Costa Rica, a relaxed & easy tour

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Our first day in Costa Rica seemed to have a brighter blue sky. That was because we were ready to raise our binoculars and look for wonderful neotropical birds. The colorful gardens of the Hotel Bougainvillea received us with Rufous-naped Wrens communicating loudly and boreal migrant such as Tennessee Warbler, Baltimore Oriole and Summer Tanager making of this wonderful location their home during the non-breeding season. It was non-stop birding, and in less than two hours we had nailed some of the target species of the central valley of Costa Rica including Hoffmann’s Woodpecker, Lesson’s Motmot and Yellow-naped Parrot. Experience birdwatchers know that there is always a chance for a surprise around the corner and this time it was a Cooper’s Hawk, which alarmed the whole neighborhood with its presence.