Tepuis trips


The Tepui Trips are organized to explore and understand the unique avifauna of the table-top mountains of southern Venezuela.


The trip usually requires camping, driving on dirt roads, hiking, or helicopter rides and lasts from seven to twelve days.


We started our Tepui Trips in 1984 visiting Roraima-tepui, where we had the first contemporary sighting of Roraiman Nightjar. Since then, we have re-visited Roraima-tepui more than a dozen times, as well as Auyan-tepui (1986) and Tramen-tepui (1989). In these trips, we invite scientists of Venezuelan ornithological museums or universities to join us. Fellow birders can join these trips by making a contribution to cover the expenses although it is understood that the scientists are not providing guiding services. This is a tremendous opportunity to learn about the ornithological research in Venezuela.


In 2005 and 2008 we returned to the slopes of Roraima-tepui where we gathered more data of several Tepui endemic species. Also, 2007 we included another location to this program: Duida tepui. In this impressive massif we reached 6000 feet elevation and collected more bird data.


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