Tour reports

Trinidad & Tobago 2011

Unlike the 2010 tour, this time we were exposed to rain almost every day and that affected bird activity. Birds that normally are active during the dry season were somehow quiet, while many uncommon passerine were not only active but singing regularly. Also, Masked Duck was seen with ducklinks and Pinnated Bittern flew in front of our van in the W side of the island of Trinidad. In Waterloo we were able to report a rare vagrant to these islands, Herring Gul. One of the most special moments was the finding of Rufous Night jar (singing and scoped!) in Aripo, a lifer for our local guide, Mahase.

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Costa Rica 2010

There is no other country in the Americas where the saying small is beautiful applies better than Costa Rica. Our tour visited key birding areas inclusing Carara, Monteverde, Arenal, Selva Verde and Poas volcano. We did bird narrow trails, visited […]
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Easter Venezuela 2009

Our sixth consecutive Summer Eastern Venezuela, where we managed to see all the tepui endemic species, Black-chested Tyrant, River Island Spinetail and a Softtail yet to be described!The tour packed 22 species of Psittacidae (Macaws, parrots, parakeets and parrtotlets), 25 […]
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