Tour reports


If there is a place where the magnificence of Planet Earth is shown in multiple ways, that is the Pantanal. The list of superlatives outnumbers any other neotropical destination, and we witnessed that! Highlights were simply too many, from apex species such as the impressive Jaguar to highly diet-specialized such as the Giant Anteater. The list goes on and on and included views of the amazing Brazilian Tapir, breathtaking Agami Heron, astonishing Hyacinth Macaw, comical Giant River Otter and much more.
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To say that more than 200 waterfalls, plunging out of the Iguazu River, produces one the loudest reverberating mixed of sounds in nature is not an exaggeration. In fact, it is the largest waterfall system in the world. From the curtain of water in the Devil’s Throat to the dozens of smaller ones, the river plunged as if jumping to an unknown dimension, to another level of basaltic rock. But what most impressed us was to see the speed, the life cycle, and the perfection to which the Dusky Great Swifts landed to behind the falls into their nesting crevices or to cling from the wet walls.
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THE LESSER ANTILLES Aboard the Sea Cloud

Beautiful, diverse, strange, mysterious… I could share an extensive list of adjectives describing the Lesser Antilles and you will still probably find that I am missing some that would match your perception. From the minute we landed in Barbados we found ourselves in a reality that was different from that in the rest of the Americas. Historically speaking, these islands are a result of confrontation between the main colonial powers in Europe to control the trading of one the most important commodities at the time, sugar. Culturally speaking, they are an amazing mix of religions and background that is still in a process to define their uniqueness and flavor. From the ornithological point of view, it gets more complicated and interesting: they are labs of evolution. Every time I come to the Lesser Antilles I feel as if I was taken out of planet Earth and dropped in a different one, less diverse but more fascinating.
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