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If there is a place in Planet Earth where the power of nature shows in unimaginable ways, that is the Iguacu Falls. Draining from the Parana River, a series of waterfalls plunges down with such power that one must see this to breath the meaning of nature power. What did strike us was that in such grandiosity there are small creatures and plants challenging this astonishing waterfall and its intimidating noise. We saw bushes and semi aquatic plants rooted to the substrate of rocks, resisting the continuous energy pushed by the river itself. Also, vultures taking advantage of a thermal decorated with a spray of water elevating like a misty column right next to the falls. We could not believe how a piping-guan walked to a ledge in the falls and later decided to free its wings when opening then and glided out of the falls. It was maybe in search of a fruiting tree located somewhere downstream in the river. Although these were all moments that will remain with us as the purest meaning of life, I must confess that what I could not stop seeing (and trying to understand) were the number of Great Dusky Swift resting or roosting under the seemingly impenetrable waterfall. These species along with a spectacular landscape gave life to what otherwise would be rocks and water, moving along its drainage attracted by the gravity of our planet.


Ebird Trip Report: BRAZIL: IGUAÇU FALLS September 3 – 7, 2022