A Birding Adventure in the Llanos of Colombia: Juan Solito Lodge & Hato La Aurora (Includes a full day near Bogota)

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I think the best way to summarize this weeklong tour is with three words. My first is “Priceless”. This is the word that best describes the privilege to going to a natural area surrounded with wildlife, with nights orchestrated by crickets, frogs, nightjars and owls in times when the Omicron variant of COVID was spreading fast and locking again parts of the world. The second word is “Privileged” and represents my feelings when I wake up every day, see you all, have a coffee and carry on looking for birds. “Gratitude” is my third word, and that is to all of you for signing up in this tour that visited an area that brings odors, sounds and images of my early days of guiding to the Venezuelan Llanos.