2019 VENT Guyana: Iwokrama Reserve pre-tour.

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Charming Guyana welcomed us at the Botanical Gardens with wonderful views of Blood-colored Woodpecker, Toco Toucans, a Cinnamon Attila singing at eye level, a pair of dull but interesting Northern Scrub-Flycatchers and Black-collared Hawks calling from a distant tree. The first morning was complemented with an afternoon drive to the Hope channel and the Mahaica river where a wonderful boat trip allowed views of Guyana’s national bird, the Hoatzin, a beautiful Green-tailed Jacamar and an unbelievable encounter with a Sungrebe. What a way to start a tour to Guyana!

Enjoy the wonders of Guyana’s rainforest, one of the most extensive and untouched rainforests in the world.