2018 VENT Panama R&E tour

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The Panama Canal welcomed us with a chorus of howler monkeys roaring in the distance, toucans either yelping or croaking, parakeets screeching and a pair of motmots giving their typical hoop, hoop! As the day gained light, we added images to these sounds thus the pair of motmots were now wagging their tail ion slow motion as they gulped pieces of fruits from the bird feeder while a parade of tanagers and honeycreepers followed as feeder attendances in a disorganized manner but, once the Orange-chinned Parakeets landed, every other species had already gone! Seeing these parakeets taking chunks of fruits and causing a whole mess on the table might have been the reason why other birds decided to see the feast from a certain distance. Enjoying such a bird richness offered a great opportunity to discuss about bird identification and recent taxonomical changes, toucan vocalizations as well as to understand the forces driving continental migrations.