2018 VENT Manu Biosphere Reserve

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A remarkable birding journey across the high Andes from Cuzco to the east slope of the Andes and down to the Amazon basin in Madre de Dios.

It comes difficult to express in writing the emotions, challenges, wonderful birds and other wildlife that we saw in our Manu Biosphere Reserve tour. From endless number of macaws flying over the Madre de Dios river (river name means: Mother of God), to dozens of parrots in a clay lick, or young and adult males Andean Cock-of-the-Rock displaying and thus pretending to be cool for the females. Also, intensely colored tanagers, unimaginable toucans, cryptic tyrant-flycatchers and an astonishing 30 species of birds-of-prey that included a nesting pair of Solitary Eagle and another pair but of Black-and-chestnut Eagle with talons locked in the air, in a love ritual. Enjoy this album that will take you birding in amazing Peru!