VENT Lesser Antilles aboard The Sea Cloud 2018


“Five countries, six islands and a wonderful ship to sail the Caribbean” That’s has to be the way to name this photo album compiling the wonderful birds seen as we sailed between the Lesser Antilles aboard the incomparable Sea Cloud. We travelled for the birds but also enjoyed the unique cuisine, learned about endemism, discussed sugar trade, learned about back-and-forth battles reshaping the political boundaries of these islands as well as other aspects of the Caribbean people’s life.

The Caribbean Sea vibrated with pastel blue or green colors that introduced us to different islands every day and allowed to look for the endemic parrots, tremblers, hummingbirds, orioles and bullfinches that these laboratories of endemism do host.

Our treasure wasn´t gold, nor sugar. It was every one of the unique species either endemic or restricted distribution birds, that were enjoyed during the cruise. To find these treasures it seemed like every island offered a unique challenge.

We hope that by seeing this album you’ll continue to enjoy the cultural and diverse richness of the West Indies.