2018 VENT Cuba (March tour)


Santa Clara airport was packed with Cubans greeting their relatives whom have brought an endless amount of stuff, from plasma tv´s to duffle bags loaded with cloths, electronics and much more. The luggage belt at the airport arrivals seemed more like a storage house than an international airport! Once out of this chaotic situation we were already searching for Cuban birds. Yet, our goal was to call something relevant, but the ubiquitous Turkey Vulture found its way to show up right away and was only followed by another common and widespread species, the House Sparrow. Thus, these were the very first Cuban birds. But, good species started to appear within minutes and our great Cuban birding experience took-off with the widespread and endemic Cuban Blackbird, the wonderful Red-legged Thrush and the never-stopping Antillean Palm-Swifts nesting in the thatched roof of the hotel’s reception desk. At night, we enjoyed encounters with a Dusky Dwarf Boa, plus several spiders and Cuban Tree Frogs everywhere. Enjoy this album to admire the incredible Caribbean avifauna of the largest of the Greater Antilles in a tour where we nailed all the possible endemic birds of the island!