VENT Costa Rica (1) 2016


Tour description: It might has been a sunny afternoon of 25th September 1502, when Christopher Columbus (he liked to be called thenCristobal Colón) reached what´s today called Puerto Limón, in the Caribbean lowlands of Middle America. I can only imagine his crew astonished seeing a pair Great-green Macaws flying and some of the American natives with Collared Aracaries in their shoulders as pets. But, what really surprised Colón were the gold-ornaments that many of the Quiribís were wearing and, having the false impression that such land was very rich in gold he decided to call it Costa Rica. Neither Colón or his crew ever imagined that the richness wasn´t its gold or other

precious metal but the hundreds of birds that decorate Costa Rica and make it a great birding destination. In fact, it wasn´t until the late 1800 and early 1900 that ornithologists started focusing in Costa Rica and only then they discovered the true gold of this amazing country: its biological richness.