Our second-of-the-year Amazon Cruise was what I would call a magic trip.  That means a nice mix of quality birding, great group dynamic and unparalleled ship’s staff! Day by day, we learned about various topics, from sedimentary river islands and oxbow lake, to Moriche palm stands or terra firme and riverine forests types. We also discussed the differences between Varzea (riverine forest in white water rivers) and Igapo (riverine forest in black water rivers) and appreciated the birdlife in each one of these habitats. The Amazon wasn’t a show just to your eyes but to your ears as well. Do you remember the cacophony of macaws, parrots, parakeets and parrotlets every morning when commuting to the foraging grounds? Or the choreography of the Black-capped Donacobius when one met another? That´s the Amazon!